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Proper brake maintenance is one of the most fundamental and important ways to keep your car in flawless condition and assure you get peak performance. It is also crucial to ensure that your car handles safely, and is responsive.


The team of brake specialists at Kilgore Muffler & Performance are among the leading experts in the greater Henderson area in brake maintenance and braking performance optimization. If your brakes seem to be grinding or squealing, your brake pedal feels spongy or vibrates, your vehicle is pulling to one side when you brake, or you are just generally getting a bad response from your braking system; then it is crucial to get your brakes checked and serviced as soon as possible. If your brake pads wear down this poses a tremendous risk that your vehicle will suffer further damage, particularly your rotors, which can get gouged.


Don't trust your brake inspection and repairs to just any Henderson mechanic, some of whom might try and sell you on services and products that you don't need. Maintaining an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the brake specialists at Kilgore Muffler & Performance pride themselves on delivering reliable, trustworthy, and consistently top quality brake maintenance and repair services. And we strive from job to job to represent the very best brake service in the greater Henderson area.


Catalytic converters are designed to significantly reduce the harmful emissions your car produces. Since 2010, U.S. federal law states that catalytic converters are mandatory on all cars. But installing, servicing and replacing your car's catalytic converter is a delicate job that can affect your car's performance if it is not done properly. While some inexperienced Henderson mechanics might misidentify why a restricted catalytic converter is failing, and call for unnecessary work, at Kilgore Muffler & Performance our comprehensive understanding of catalytic converters ensures that your catalytic converter's performance is always evaluated and addressed in terms of boosting your car's overall performance.


So whether you're looking for brake or catalytic converter service and repair, with a Better Business Bureau certified A+ rating, Kilgore Muffler & Performance are the most reliable and knowledgeable car experts in Henderson.

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